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We all feel. At any time when we live our lives, when we fall in love, when we love, when we walk our path and when we journey into the unknown, we experience by feeling. The verses in this bundle are snapshots that deal with such feelings and are an attempt to understand how we absorb them into ourselves to make them part of our being. Each word, sentence and verse has meaning and expresses a state of sensing and conveys emotions that results into feeling, however flawed the words may be

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Kindle Edition (Published August 1, 2020)
Paperback (Published August 14, 2020)
ISBN: 978-8797242605

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About Peinsejoager

Peinsejoager was born in Ghent (Belgium) and currently lives in the countryside in Denmark.

The philosophy behind this blog is simple. Subjects for the blog are poached from the author’s own experience and the world. They are used to make aware and hopefully sometimes entertain people in the form of poems. Subjects poached are not necessarily wanted or desired. They are an expression of free thinking where reason, emotions and feelings are the prime drivers.

Peinsejoager is a dialect word from Ghent – Belgium that translates in English to poacher.

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