Unity (II)

A story in 4 parts or how soul mates find the road to unity no matter how hard or difficult that road is…

To read part 1 click here >> 1) The First Encounter

2) Love & Friendship

How many true friends does one have in an entire lifetime? Can you count them on one hand?

How many people does one love in their entire lifetime when we exclude offspring? Can you count them on one hand?

Why can you build an everlasting friendship with one person and not the other? It is not just because you like the person. There is much more to it than that. Liking is a start, yes… but friendship and also love is something that grows from deeper feelings then just liking.

It is a complex subject that makes it difficult to understand if what one feels is just love or if there is more at hand. Soul mates love, but do not necessarily instantly fall in love with each other. It happens sometimes, love at first sight. Bang! It hits you without warning. With soul mates, however, it is not just about love. It is an unexplained attraction that keeps you drawing back to the person no matter what. Ultimately love will strike. Sometimes it strikes, after a deep friendship has evolved. Sometimes love comes first and actual friendship grows out of the passion of loving and caring.Then sometimes both love and friendship just grow and evolve at the same time. The beauty is that it doesn’t matter how it all happens. Once the first encounter has happened soul mates will find each other and will stick together no matter what the odds are…

Soul mates are meant to be together!


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Peinsejoager is a dialect word from Ghent – Belgium that translates in English to poacher.