Dance of Love II

Dance of love II


One night,
not so long ago

A soft gentle touch,
Lights a spark, a trigger for
A twinkling feeling of desire
Oh, It has been so long…

While moving a little closer,
The sound of rain crackles down the window

A little later,
Fingertips brushing your inner thigh
Waiting for consent
Listening for a sound,
A slight moan to be released,
Calling out for more, a soft feeling
Arms move tighter,
Holding firmer, rocking our bodies slow…

The feeling of soft kisses,
So gently and real,
Experiencing deep affection
Dancing the dance of love…

©2018 Peinsejoager

Dance of Love II

World Cup

World Cup


An ode to a Belgian team giving their all in a quarter final to beat the mightiest football nation of its time…


When experience is your guide
and skill is nursed
When Ignorance is crushed
and defeat defeated
When tactics play
and play turns to art

A performance is given at its finest…

Witness this wonderful exciting ballet
Eleven players swirling and turning
Handling the ball with frolic twists
Hit the mark to leap in the lead
Until that moment, where tension takes control
A date with pressure like before
But this time they are prepared!
Through wisdom of experience
They overcome the odds
and write history for a nation so small

At last that final whistle
Stress is released
The audience, the people in ecstasy
Victory tastes so sweet…

©2018 Peinsejoager

World Cup




Drama on the pitch
Passion for a game
Cheers for the magic displayed
Gladiators receive their fame

Drama in the mediterranean
Apathy for the suffering
Ignored by everyone and everything
Given a status without dignity

©2018 Peinsejoager



Yesterday & Today

Yesterday & Today


Driven by progress,
Change is a constant…

Two worlds merge,
Virtual and Real

Experience the difference,
Digital and Acoustic

One world dominates,
Questions on what is real…

Existence in the balance,
The Old and the New…

Fuelled by technology,
Change accelerates…


Driven by progress,Change is a c

©2018 Peinsejoager


An unexpected circumstance

An unexpected circumstance


Hit, a split second,
No idea what is going on…

Blackout! Down on the ground,
No airbag to soften the blow…


Probing conscious feelings, unconscious
Nursing an awareness of being,
While eyes shut, dreaming?

Wandering about, in the dark,
Overwhelmed by experience,
Drifting, searching for a way out…

Exit sign, nowhere in sight
Losing control of time,
Imprisoned in this void…

Flashing images penetrate the senses,
Searching deeper within,
Distracted by a light…

Making an inquiry into the soul
Discovery through meditation
Exploring the boundaries of the mind.


Sensing! A brief moment of awareness,
Acting! Crawling out of the darkness…

Awake! Alone in a foreign place,
Flooded by extreme feelings…

© 2018 Peinsejoager

On Fire

On Fire

A poem about the competitive nature of life and the possible experience of a brief moment of tranquility…


Fast pace, on fire
Caught in a time bubble,
Slowing down
Looking in, looking out
Very briefly,
Experiencing the moment
On fire, returning to fast pace…




An Observation

An Observation

When you treat friends like adversaries,
And allies like enemies…

What is left to do with your enemies?
Befriend them to avoid serious conflict?

Lets hope wisdom prevails,
And disagreement is overcome by sanity…

What other expectations should we have?
Allowing egos rampage the stage?


The Storyteller

The Storyteller

A story is told,
The whisperer accounts,

About the struggle 
for liberty and freedom,
for brotherhood and unity.

The telling of tales,
About shedding the shackles of ignorance…

IMG_E1597 (1)

2 Verses on Transcendence


Deep feelings track the mind
Following intuition,
Passing by a sign…
Following impulse,
Acting by instinct…
Following a hunch,
Moving slowly closer…

Am I making progress?
Moving beyond that place,
Surpassing the current world,
Ascending into a new state,
Advancing slowly,
Transcending beyond my imagination…