She pours a cup of coffee,
Adding two sugars for sweetness
And a little milk,
Topping it off
With a twist of love and affection.
Good morning, my darling.


He pours a cup of coffee,
Adding a smile for sweetness
And a good slap of milk,
Topping it off
With a pinch of care and lots of love.
Good morning, my sweet love.


They pour a cup of coffee,
She ads two sugars to his
He ads a loving smile to hers
For sweetness.

He ads her favourite milk to her cup
She ads his necessary milk to his…

Both topping it off
With a twist, a touch, a pinch…
of love and affection,
of care and kindness,
Adding the twinkle in each other’s eyes
To start a perfect morning…


©2020 Peinsejoager

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

In Paradise

In Paradise


Before Coffee

New dawn, the sun rises
Bright light hits the shades
Penetrating the senses
Disturbing peaceful breathing
Waking up from a dream

Sleepy eyes, unwilling to give in
Moody feeling, first encounter
with another new day

Daily rituals and routines,
Imperative for a serene morning.
A soft voice utters the words
“Good morning, my darling”

Dozing in a time lapse between states,
Sensing a presence,
A need to chatter,
“Please don’t”, the look on her face says enough,
Grumpy state of mind

Not before my first coffee…

After Coffee

New dawn, the sun has risen
The smell of crushed roasted beans,
Sprinkled with hot water
Penetrate the nostrils
Wanting the taste of a perfect brew

Grumpy eyes, lighten up
Moody feelings, ebbing away
The first sip on this new day

Browsing through the news
The old fashioned way,
Taking it in,
The hot cup in her hands
Your beauty, the taste of your lips

After first coffee,
Ready for another day…

In paradise.


©️2020 Peinsejoager

Day and Night

An ode to the coffee drinker…

The cycle repeats itself, on and on… Light becomes darkness and darkness becomes light. A vicious circle that seems endless. What is the cause? What is the reason behind this? Are we doomed to continue the process continuously, everyday and endlessly….IMG_8494

Come marching in are our heroes of the light…. Drink your coffee everyday. Battle the darkness by drinking the black tar away so it can make room for day. Light is created by you… our heroes. Drink that black coffee and let light shine on us and the day is ours again. The more you drink, the more of you drink, the more light can break through and stay.

But then comes that moment during the day, that our heroes tire… They cannot keep up with the pace. They try hard to battle the odds until the tipping point is reached and the odds are stacked against them, against us all. That moment where the black takes the upper hand again.

IMG_8496We try different things to turn the tide. We use milk, soya and any other means to battle the black, we use sugar and sweeteners to sweeten up the bitter taste of loss… We try, but cannot prevail. Darkness sets in again during the evening and our heroes throw the towel in the ring. Night is back…

Rest… Recover from today… Tomorrow comes another day…. Our heroes will make the effort to push the black away and create the light for us. When waking up, fresh in the morning, a new day of battling the darkness begins. While we start the morning with drinking the black away the cycle begins again…  Be sure, light will be created for us to live in… Let it be said… Believe!

Coffee drinkers!

With each sip you take, you are helping to take a little bit of darkness out of this world. With each sip you take in the morning, you create space and time to be filled with light… and a new day shines through. Let that other story about the sun and whatever science wants you to believe not tell you differently! Have faith in your heroes and night will become day again…