Last Nights Experience…

Transmit that a poem or a song
Let me hear that voice once again
Touching my heart in a moment of hope,
Penetrating my soul with sentiment, just now
Yes, I am scared, ooh yes
I tremble at the thought of walking alone

And we move on to the next…

My experience is troubled
With all the emotions running loose
Can I find some peace now
Some hope, presented in a touch
Yes, I am afraid, ooh yes
I tremble at the thought of feeling alone

And we move on to the next…

I walked out into the soaking rain
Experiences exchanged, surreal, real
How much time do I have to absorb this moment?
To process this flood of emotions
Yes, I feel humbled, ooh yes
I look into the lights and know that the future is bright

And we move on to the next… song


There is a moment, where the needle hits the first groove, a crackle travels its way into the speakers just before the first note is played and the sound of wonderful music explores the room embracing the furniture and people present to give an experience of pleasure and joy. The mind wonders and thinks about the philosophical question how to best experience music. This question presents an array of possible answers each more convincing then the other for any individual being. The topic allows for great conversation, discussion, passion and more over it allows to elevate the experience to another level.

Sometimes we reflect on the experiences we have with music…

Is it that concert you went to that sticks in your mind and where the performance was so elevating that the music evolved into something different then you ever had experienced?

Is it that first time you heard a specific song, where your mind is blown away of the sound, rhythm and the pure genius of some lyrics?

Is it the record everybody talks about, but never really hit you and you wonder what is all the fuzz about? And then, after listening to it for who knows how many times you are blown away, not just by the music but by the experience you have at that moment and it connects…

I had some of those experiences myself. One of them was during a concert with Ryan Adams (Falconer Salen – Copenhagen – 2015). The song Peaceful Valley just hit me hard. The performance was so captivating and intense that the song got elevated from just one of the songs in the catalogue to the song I turn back to that reminds me of what experiencing music can do to you. It was pure magic.

I’d like to think that listening to music is not just about listening to a song, an album or an artist… It is about taking the time to experience the emotions that come with the sound music delivers and allows you to connect to moments in your life that you cherish forever…