In Paradise

In Paradise


Before Coffee

New dawn, the sun rises
Bright light hits the shades
Penetrating the senses
Disturbing peaceful breathing
Waking up from a dream

Sleepy eyes, unwilling to give in
Moody feeling, first encounter
with another new day

Daily rituals and routines,
Imperative for a serene morning.
A soft voice utters the words
“Good morning, my darling”

Dozing in a time lapse between states,
Sensing a presence,
A need to chatter,
“Please don’t”, the look on her face says enough,
Grumpy state of mind

Not before my first coffee…

After Coffee

New dawn, the sun has risen
The smell of crushed roasted beans,
Sprinkled with hot water
Penetrate the nostrils
Wanting the taste of a perfect brew

Grumpy eyes, lighten up
Moody feelings, ebbing away
The first sip on this new day

Browsing through the news
The old fashioned way,
Taking it in,
The hot cup in her hands
Your beauty, the taste of your lips

After first coffee,
Ready for another day…

In paradise.


©️2020 Peinsejoager




Cupid struck, a long time ago
An arrow in the heart
Stunned by the blow

From that moment I knew,
you would be mine
And forever be,
my valentine…

© 2019 Peinsejoager

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A Good Day

A Good Day…


Walking through the narrow streets
The sun peaks through the clouds
We venture into this new place
A first impression, full of joy
Experiencing as always, together
It is a good day…

Small houses and cobble stones
A romantic setting, for a joyful day
We walk hand in hand
A cozy feeling, full of warmth
Small coffee house serving,
It is a good day…

Afternoon chill, a slight breeze
while walking through the street
finding a new destination
Sitting down at a corner cafe
Cool beer served, nuts on the side
It is a good day…

Evening setting in,
A drizzle cannot kill the mood
Diner time, a feast served
Enjoying every detail of this moment, bit by bit
Experiencing as we always do, together
It is a good day…

©2018 Peinsejoager


An Observation

An Observation

When you treat friends like adversaries,
And allies like enemies…

What is left to do with your enemies?
Befriend them to avoid serious conflict?

Lets hope wisdom prevails,
And disagreement is overcome by sanity…

What other expectations should we have?
Allowing egos rampage the stage?