So deep is the love,
So shallow the hatred,
So barren the spoken words,
So fertile are our thoughts,
So misguided we are both,
So focused we should be, close…

Shall we?
In this fast changing world…
Shall we be?
Two confused souls sipping organic coffee?
While fulfilling destiny…

©2019 Peinsejoager




Cupid struck, a long time ago
An arrow in the heart
Stunned by the blow

From that moment I knew,
you would be mine
And forever be,
my valentine…

© 2019 Peinsejoager

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A Good Day

A Good Day…


Walking through the narrow streets
The sun peaks through the clouds
We venture into this new place
A first impression, full of joy
Experiencing as always, together
It is a good day…

Small houses and cobble stones
A romantic setting, for a joyful day
We walk hand in hand
A cozy feeling, full of warmth
Small coffee house serving,
It is a good day…

Afternoon chill, a slight breeze
while walking through the street
finding a new destination
Sitting down at a corner cafe
Cool beer served, nuts on the side
It is a good day…

Evening setting in,
A drizzle cannot kill the mood
Diner time, a feast served
Enjoying every detail of this moment, bit by bit
Experiencing as we always do, together
It is a good day…

©2018 Peinsejoager


Strong Emotions

Strong Emotions


A slight breeze touches the skin
Hot evening, passion erupts from within
Thoughts develop, motion at play
Where love is a movement away

Yearning for that moment
Once more,
Where affection turns to lust
And lust transforms to passion

Writing that song of love,
Reciting that lost poem
Full of affection, deep in the heart
While dreaming of a continued future
Side by side, united as one…

©2018 Peinsejoager




A Mental State

A Mental State


A statement from the heart,
No exit! No entry! Stop!
Stuck in a bubble… no room for rewind…
Only one way to go, forward I guess.
Will you be there?

Closing eyes to catch a glimpse,
Emotional wrecks, we both are
I sure hope you will be there
Finding solace in each others arms.

©2018 Peinsejoager

A Mental StateA statement from the heart,No exit.png




The perception of love
Pure feeling
No thought

The perception of sanity
Pure reason
No feeling

The perception of cruelty
Pure impulse
No reason

The perception of truth
Pure fact
No impulse

©2018 Peinsejoager


Dance of Love II

Dance of love II


One night,
not so long ago

A soft gentle touch,
Lights a spark, a trigger for
A twinkling feeling of desire
Oh, It has been so long…

While moving a little closer,
The sound of rain crackles down the window

A little later,
Fingertips brushing your inner thigh
Waiting for consent
Listening for a sound,
A slight moan to be released,
Calling out for more, a soft feeling
Arms move tighter,
Holding firmer, rocking our bodies slow…

The feeling of soft kisses,
So gently and real,
Experiencing deep affection
Dancing the dance of love…

©2018 Peinsejoager

Dance of Love II


Today I find myself in a state of rest,
Where the window view looks inviting,
And light is not hurting my senses,
No need to find a place to hide in the dark…

I sense a feeling of relief,
A moment of dreaming,
Surrounded by love and care,
Caught by a sense of happy feelings…


Version 2

Coming Home

Hours past by…
Days gone by…

Mentally worn,
But peace of mind found
With a bleeding heart,
And a mind torn.

Pieces come together,
Jigsaws to be matched
Love is found, Never lost

Time was needed,
to heal this pain…
Time was required,
to correct the path

Help still required,
from you, my love
Help still needed,
by you, my friend

Help is welcomed
by you, my beloved
Help is accepted,
from you, my life

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Two Hearts

Into an abyss
Finding comfort

Two hearts
Boom Boom Boom

In the inner circle
Finding tranquility

Two hearts
Boom Boom Boom

Down a path
Finding you

Two hearts
Boom Boom Boom

For your hands
Finding safety

Two hearts
Boom Boom Boom