Just the Two of Us

Just the Two of Us

Just the two of us,
Imagining two butterflies
Flirting with the sunlight

Just the two of us,
Swinging away like lovers do
All through those romantic nights

Just the two of us,
Connecting into eternity
Holding each other close

Just the two of us,
Embracing and snuggling
Together falling asleep

Ø> <Ø

©2020 Peinsejoager

Life Love Experience

Life Love Experience

My first bundle of poems is now available to buy on Amazon stores. This bundle has been in the making for quite some time.

About 3 years ago I took the first steps in publishing my poems via this blog. These steps were in reality huge leaps for me. It may seem a small thing to do. You write a poem and you publish it. Done!

For me, this process is hard and it is always an emotional decision to release something close and dear to me into the big world. I confess that I have been dreaming about publishing a book for a very long time. I never really felt I had the right material to go and pursue that, nor did I have the courage. The poems published through this blog changed that. The feedback I received for my poems has been heartwarming and positive. Seeing people liking the content made me more confident and brought me to the point that I started thinking of bundling some of my poems into a little book.

Life Love Experience: Poems from the heart is the result of this. I feel very proud that I can present this first bundle containing 55 of my poems.

Life is what is given to you. Life is the journey you undertake, whatever path you are on.

Love is what you have to give to people emotionally close to you. Love is what you receive from people that feel you deserve their love to be given to you.

Experience is everything you do and not do. Experience is everything you are subjected to, good and bad. Experience is processing, gaining knowledge, and sensing. Experience is, believing in the decisions you make to live and to love.

This bundle is for all people, passing through, living life, finding love and experiences …

©2020 Peinsejoager

Life Love Experience

Available on all Amazon shops.
Kindle Edition (Published August 1, 2020)
Paperback (Published August 14, 2020)
ISBN: 978-8797242605

USA: https://www.amazon.com/dp/8797242608
UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/8797242608




This might sound sad,
That our lives together are finite,
Far down the long road of time.

This might sound crazy,
And, I mention this with joy,
That my love for you is infinite.

You are forever embedded in my heart.
And, when released at the end,
My spirit will join yours,
Among the starts, in eternity…

©️2020 Peinsejoager 


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In Paradise

In Paradise


Before Coffee

New dawn, the sun rises
Bright light hits the shades
Penetrating the senses
Disturbing peaceful breathing
Waking up from a dream

Sleepy eyes, unwilling to give in
Moody feeling, first encounter
with another new day

Daily rituals and routines,
Imperative for a serene morning.
A soft voice utters the words
“Good morning, my darling”

Dozing in a time lapse between states,
Sensing a presence,
A need to chatter,
“Please don’t”, the look on her face says enough,
Grumpy state of mind

Not before my first coffee…

After Coffee

New dawn, the sun has risen
The smell of crushed roasted beans,
Sprinkled with hot water
Penetrate the nostrils
Wanting the taste of a perfect brew

Grumpy eyes, lighten up
Moody feelings, ebbing away
The first sip on this new day

Browsing through the news
The old fashioned way,
Taking it in,
The hot cup in her hands
Your beauty, the taste of your lips

After first coffee,
Ready for another day…

In paradise.


©️2020 Peinsejoager




Sad eyes
Lonely eyes

Happy eyes
Lovely eyes

Frowning look
Passionate glance

Warm smile
Affectionate sign

Cheeky smile
Naughty thoughts

A wink to the left
A Signal to the right

A flirt to hook me in
An invite to your sphere

Holding hands,
Signals carry through my body

A kiss,
Electrifying emotion

Hugging you, feeling your passion
Eternal kisses, absorb me with our love.


©️2020 Peinsejoager

The Road

I saw you gently moving towards me,
Stinging my eyes with the bright light coming from you,
Hello my friend, ignore my blindness once more.
I know you’ve seen this before,
I have been here, many times over…
Assessing the shattered pieces, light torturing the senses,
Pushing away that feeling, erasing the emotions of pain,
By closing eyes, meditating into a state of calmness,
Once more, looking out into the void,
Trying to make sense, of the senseless,
Seamlessly in denial, of an emotional state
Pretending to be strong, abandoning the real
Condemned to be afraid of the light,
Afraid to move down the path,
Fearing the unimaginable, collapsing into oneself, once more,
Hoping for soft whispers, calling me towards the crack in the wall,
Reaching in, reaching out…
To find the rescue
To step once again back into the light.

©️2020 Peinsejoager




Sun beams touch the fields,
Evaporating the frosty carpet,
Signaling a coming of spring.

Birds flock while people distance.
Enduring new social trends,
Signaling a new dawn.

Aroma of coffee penetrates the air,
A morning as no other,
Here in our bubble this day.

In other places not too far away,
People suffer and battle,
Fighting a virus while going through hell.

Imagining a near future,
Hopefully sooner than later,
Where a light shines that signals an end to suffering.



©2020 Peinsejoager




Pins and needles strike the head,
Seeking words of comfort,
A soothing voice whispers in the wind,
Closing my eyes, for a moment of peace.

©2019 Peinsejoager


Pins and needles strike the head, Seeking words of comfort, A soothing voice whispers in the wind, Closing my eyes, for a moment of peace.-2



Clouds hang above our lives
Once we went about without fear, now
Rolling thunder disturbs the sky
Occupying our minds with what we can’t see
No need to worry, says the fool
All is normal, have no fear…


Voices argue about what is to come…

Ignoring the science, behaving without conscience
Relying on senses, instinctus naturae 
Ultimately we have to face the changes, and
Surrender existence to that a new reality…
©2020 Peinsejoager

Tiny Heart

Tiny heart


An innocent tiny heart,
beating in regular tread
Seeking the soothing pulse
of a mother’s heart
Embracing the softness of touch
of a father’s care
This is… a new life

Welcome to this world…

Copyright ©2019 Peinsejoager

Tiny heart An innocent tiny heart,