She pours a cup of coffee,
Adding two sugars for sweetness
And a little milk,
Topping it off
With a twist of love and affection.
Good morning, my darling.


He pours a cup of coffee,
Adding a smile for sweetness
And a good slap of milk,
Topping it off
With a pinch of care and lots of love.
Good morning, my sweet love.


They pour a cup of coffee,
She ads two sugars to his
He ads a loving smile to hers
For sweetness.

He ads her favourite milk to her cup
She ads his necessary milk to his…

Both topping it off
With a twist, a touch, a pinch…
of love and affection,
of care and kindness,
Adding the twinkle in each other’s eyes
To start a perfect morning…


©2020 Peinsejoager

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Kindle Edition (Published August 1, 2020)
Paperback (Published August 14, 2020)
ISBN: 978-8797242605


Rating: 5 out of 5.




Sun beams touch the fields,
Evaporating the frosty carpet,
Signaling a coming of spring.

Birds flock while people distance.
Enduring new social trends,
Signaling a new dawn.

Aroma of coffee penetrates the air,
A morning as no other,
Here in our bubble this day.

In other places not too far away,
People suffer and battle,
Fighting a virus while going through hell.

Imagining a near future,
Hopefully sooner than later,
Where a light shines that signals an end to suffering.



©2020 Peinsejoager