“Dansk Vand”


“Dansk Vand”

On the subject of Danish water (“Dansk Vand”)

There is no argument left,
After careful consideration
And some debate,
(although still open for opinion)
Danish water tastes bleak.
Especially when compared,
To Belgium water,
Which is rich with hops
And brewed with care
And more so when compared,
To Scottish water,
Which has the flavour of malted barley,
While enriched by age in oak barrels.

There is some debate on the case of health,
and no argument on the case of cheer…

We toast to our loved ones,
We toast to our friends,
We toast for peace and harmony
We toast for love and friendship
We toast to wish every dear one good health…


© 2019 Peinsejoager

Dansk Vand