Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be Afraid


I. The Tyrant: An observation on a topic that deeply divides people and a fear to loose our freedom. II. A Prophecy: An observation on how sheep behave. III Calling out Tyranny. IV. The People: A sense of hope to believe in the strength and will of the people. V. The Call: A call to reject those that wish to use our collective strength for their own personal gain…


Don’t be afraid
To follow me blindly
For I am showing you the way
The path to your salvation

Don’t be afraid
To worship me deeply
For I am your emperor
Protecting and leading you in this world

Don’t be afraid
To come to my rallies
For I shall carry for you this virus
Giving it away willingly and completely for free

Don’t be afraid
To be willing to die for me
For we together will ensure
That this world we know will end


The dawn of a new age for the land of the free
It is shaped in my image,
The prophet declares!

A world free from all those voices who oppose
Declaring supremacy over the land
With a vision of a past long gone…


T stands for Tyrant
R stands for Rage
Why don’t you take a brief moment to breath
before you blindly follow the wave.

U stands for Ungracious
M stands for Money
Why don’t you reflect on this for a second
when you listen to the testimony of truth

and P Stands for Psycho
Never be fooled by the charm displayed
Observe with vigilance what lurks in the shadows


The people did elect him
So we are told…

One day,
The people will reject him

And ultimately,
The people will eject him

Democracy will not fold…


Don’t be afraid
To speak with a loud and clear voice

Don’t be afraid
To let your voices be heard

For we, the people,
Are stronger than any tyrant on this world


©2020 Peinsejoager