Water of Life

Water of Life


I taste thee with fair gentle prowess
And let thee take me on a journey
Into the secrets of life.

Where fairies,
Feast and swim
In an ocean of malts.
Where sorrows disappear,
In merry cheer.

I stand in awe,
To taste thee essence so fair
When feeling your tender touch,
Stunning my lips
I must give tribute to thy sweetness.

For those who treat you beyond respect
I must confess, I feel no pity
For the next morn your wrath will be felt

For I, who hold you in high esteem,
I fear not the morning
For this divine drink is my water of life

©2021 Peinsejoager

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Kindle Edition (Published August 1, 2020)
Paperback (Published August 14, 2020)
ISBN: 978-8797242605

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Rating: 5 out of 5.